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Integrating SurveyMonkey with Osano

SurveyMonkey + Osano Integration Benefits

  • Osano's AI will pre-classify categories of personal data, making it easy to understand what personal data you store in SurveyMonkey
  • Save up to dozens of hours by performing User Searches across all your integrations to quickly compile a summary of a user's personal data. Admins will no longer need to log into SurveyMonkey to manually summarize user's personal data when Data Subject Access Requests are submitted.

How it works

  • Once Osano is connected to SurveyMonkey, Osano will read data from SurveyMonkey api endpoints
  • Then Osano's AI will classify fields
  • After Osano finishes syncing with

Integration Walkthrough

  • To connect to SurveyMonkey, log into SurveyMonkey
  • Now log in to
  • Click the left menu button for Data Discovery
  • Click the + button at the bottom right corner to Add New Provider
  • Select SurveyMonkey from the dropdown
  • Type a Provider Name (eg. SurveyMonkey)
  • Click Add Provider
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to grant Osano the appropriate permissions
  • Osano will sync with SurveyMonkey and pre-classify categories of personal data
  • Click on SurveyMonkey to open the connection details
  • Classify any fields our AI was unable to pre-classify

Connecting to SurveyMonkey

In order for Osano to discover data stored in your systems, we must connect to those data providers via an API. We require, at minimum, read-only access to establish a connection to these providers. Each provider you connect may require different information. Please see the linked vendor documentation for instructions on where and how to obtain this data.

Required Fields

  • Provider Name

Required Scopes

  • contacts_read
  • contacts_write

Core Functionality

  • Data Discovery
  • User Search
  • Data Deletion

Base URL


  • oauth
  • apiKey

Bearer authentication

  • email
  • name
  • phoneNumber
  • address
  • birthday
  • userId