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Installing the Consent Manager SDK using CocoaPods

  1. Install Cocoapods using Cocoapods - Getting Started.

  2. In your project's Podfile add a source for our Cocoapods specs repo.

    source ""
  3. Within your target add the OsanoConsentManagerSDK and version as a referenced pod.

    pod 'OsanoConsentManagerSDK', '~> 3.2.0'

    By using a ~> in front of your version number, you can automatically update to the most recently released major version. If you would rather specify your SDK version, omit the ~> in front of the version number.

    pod 'OsanoConsentManagerSDK', '3.2.0'

    Your project's Podfile should look similar to the one below.

    platform :ios, '12.1'
    source ""
    target 'MyApp' do
    pod 'OsanoConsentManagerSDK', '3.2.0'